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If you're looking for the Ultimate Experience in Natural Health Care, Body Detoxification, Personalize Weight-loss Training Programs, Body Treatments, Breast Thermal Imaging, Natural and Organic Supplements, Herbs Sea Vegetables and Super Foods. An environment that caters to the whole family, then you've come to the right place. Our Trained Assistants, Therapists, and Doctor of Natural Medicine, are Committed to offering you the latest in Technology, Proven Medicines and the latest in organic supplements.
Your timely Service and Satisfaction is what matters most to us and what we continue to strive for.. Improving Your Health Naturally!
The King family are an example of what they portray in their daily practice. In 2001 Mrs. King pioneered and embarked on her first annual 21 Day Cleanse & Weight-Loss program, which Mrs King started as a personal goal, and now a King family tradition. This 21 day program continues to be a staple in many homes,  starting always in May  trough September every year since 2001. A divine mandate was given to Dr. and Mrs. King that has enabled them to develop their Health & Wellness  Ministry, They were able to  touch many lives at home and abroad.