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Kings 21 Day Cleanse & Weight-Loss 
Achieved optimal health through full body cleansing 
September 7th 2015

As we age our body’s ability to, lose weight, keep a healthy immune system and produce adequate amount of enzymes may diminish. Even if you are eating a healthy diet without an annual detoxification in most cases you may experience bloating, gas, acid re-flux, low energy, extreme fatigue, headaches and weight issues.   

Daily exposure to environmental toxins, air pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals, prescription drugs, over the counter pain killers, chemical additives in foods and in toiletries, without cleansing and eliminating these toxins through the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and colon annually, you may experience a  compromised immune system. 

Our Kings 21 Day Cleanse & Weight-Loss is designed to improve your overall health. To reduce your dead and refined foods intake, to reduce free radicals, promoting tissue regeneration, repairing damaged proteins in blood vessel walls, improving eyesight, regulating blood sugar levels, and supporting healthy cardiovascular function by encouraging blood flow, while providing the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and raw organic whole highly nutritional super foods drinking your foods for quick absorption, optimal nutrition to achieved optimal health. 

The Kings 21 Day Cleanse & Weight-Loss is a complete program of detoxification that helps rejuvenate every organ, gland, tissue and cell in our body. You will be amazed at the beneficial results of this cleanse, and the added benefit if you needed to release additional weight.
Self Evaluation
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Benefits of the 21 day cleanse

Increased sense of smell and taste
Decrease in food cravings
Restoration of balance
Reduction in inflammation
Regulation of hormones and menstrual cycle
Decreased headache and allergy symptoms
Sustained energy and endurance
Reduction in bloating
Improved sleep
Over all improved Health

It will also heighten your awareness regarding your food choices and help you to create new, healthier habits going forward.

This experience will help flex your self-discipline, willpower and self-control muscles.

We promote the buddy system through whats-app groups, for those people needing a little more support during the 21 day cleanse
A scheduled meeting: The 101 on the Sha King kings 21 day cleanse. Stapledon School Thursday September 3rd 6:30pm .Very informative
Ways you can emotionally prepare for a successful 21 day cleanse.

1. Set Your Intention. Take the time to write down what you hope to gain from this experience

2. Inform Your Family & Friends. To help ensure your success, tell your inner circle that you’ll be cleansing

3. Listen to Your Body and Learn About Yourself. If you feel like you may be close to breaking your cleanse before the desired amount of time, step back and look at the underlying behavior patterns that are influencing your food cravings.

4. Visualize. Visualization is a handy tool that can be utilized in helping you successfully complete the 21 day cleanse

5. Keep it in Perspective. Remember, the time you spend cleansing is extraordinarily short in comparison to the rest of your life, and the results are exceptional! 

6. Internalize the Health Benefits: If you feel really stuck, recall your internal list about what this 21 day cleanse is going to help you achieve. 
Island wholesale: to purchase natural coconut water and spring water
 Cash or Check Only $300.00 (everything included*) 
After August 15th registration deadline price increase $375.00

registration required space is limited
 Mall of Marathon Monday- Saturday 
New clients require a consultation via telephone
Sha King 376-4885
or Email: shakingbahy@gmail.com 

*except spring water and natural coconut water

If you wish to start your 21 day cleanse on a non-schedule date.  Additional fees applied
Registration after the deadline August 15th is not guaranteed to begin September 7th  . Additional fees applied
Clients needing medical consultation. Additional fees applied